Important: Check-in and out actions required from drivers

24 July 2019

From 29 July 2019, we require all drivers to Check-in and Check-out from Medier Driver App to get paid correctly. This movement is essential to both drivers and company:

– to maximum effects of advertising on the platform
– to report correct and reliable data to advertisers
– to double-check drivers’ AD devices to avoid lack of payment
– to monitor driver behaviour to prevent the false statement

Also, the Check-in and Check-out have legal effect, all drivers please be aware we will see fraudulent actions as fraud and against them.

Here is the how-to Check-in and out:

1. please update the Medier Driver App to the latest version
2. When you ready to start driving for riders, turn on the AD device and click the button in the App to Check-in

3. When you finish your driving job of the day please turn off the AD device and click the button in the App to Check-out

That’s it, just simple to get paid correctly.