FAQs for 1st Payment to Drivers

1 June 2019

1. My Medier’s driver account still pending and balance is 0?

If you can log in into driver App correctly, the AD device worked properly and it turned on when you were driving during May 2019, you should contact us directly on accounts@medier.com.au to claim the money. You have to include below infomation in the email:

– Your email address registered with us
– Your phone number registered with us
– Your driver ID displayed in your AD device

If you signed up before 27 May 2019 and turning-on days less than 3 days during whole May 2019, please contact us to return your AD device at your earliest convenience otherwise our Asset Collection Team will be in action to avoid our assets waste and loss.

2. Why I only get $31 in my driver account?

By following the Monthly Payment schedule, we will pay $60 for the month you have more than 20 turning-on days so if the device in your vehicle been turned on 16 days then you will get $31 in your Medier Driver account. More payment announcement, please check here.

3. I cannot cash out and what is the deposit?

As mentioned in the announcement, you can cash out the money to your bank account anytime if your balance exceeds $50. Please email us on accounts@medier.com.au by using email registered with us, also please include your bank account information and the amount you want to cash out.

The deposit is the small amount we hold for secure AD device, described in Car Owner Agreement. However, we won’t hold the device deposit for first 200 driver partners.

4. How can I earn more?

From 1 June 2019, the new Daily Payment schedule in effect and you will get paid daily. So, the AD device being turned on longer you will earn more.

5. How can I quit if I am not happy?

We are sorry to see you go. You just need to email us on drivers@medier.com.au, and we will help. Again, there is no fee to quit.