Announcement - 1st driver payment

29 May 2019

Dear Medier driver partners,

We warmly welcome you joined and partnered with us, because of you our driver community becomes meaningful and beautiful.

Here we are excited to announce that we will allocate drivers’ first payment on 1 June 2019 and you should get updated in our Driver Connection App when you login into your account on that day.

We will pay drivers in this payment run at $60/mth which described as Monthly Payment schedule in Car Owner Agreement, and the exact amount depends on how many days you drive with the device keep turning on.

From 1 June 2019, we will follow Daily Payment schedule described in Car Owner Agreement and your account balance will get updated in Medier Driver Connection App every day.

Please NOTE, we always update the policy just because we keep trying to make our driver partners earn more, in a fair working environment.

As a new platform, we do appreciate all driver partners already joined us, thanks again for your trust and confidence. So, in this payment run, we won’t hold the device deposit that means you can cash out money from your Medier Driver Connection account to your bank account anytime if your balance exceeds $50. To do so, you only need to email us on by using email registered with us, also please include your bank account information and the amount you want to cash out.


Best regards,
Medier Driver Management Team